How to repot a phalaenopsis orchid plant

phalaenopsis orchid white purple

The most frequent question asked by people who keep Moth orchids at their homes is “How to repot a phalaenopsis orchid and when is it better to do it?”. The plant needs to be repotted every 12-18 months or as soon as the mix decomposes. The primary purpose of repotting is treating a sick plant or maintaining stable condition of a healthy plant.

If you have never done this procedure yourself, discover how to repot a phalaenopsis orchid in the tips below.

Carefully tug the species from the pot, trying not to damage the living roots. Gently shake off all the old media and remove dead mushy roots without breaking off white, firm roots. While getting rid of old fir bark the brown covering on the dead roots may peel off. Don’t worry, it’s fine. You are to leave the thin inner root attached as it serves as an anchor when putting the species into a new pot. Then you can pour water over the plant to clean it off.

All you have to do afterwards is to put the species into a new, preferably slightly larger than the previous one, pot. Fill in the pot with the media ( it would be better if it was bark-based compost). Remember that the plant should sit firmly and not wobble. Then keep the plant in a shaded area for some time so that the roots could adjust.