How to Repot Yucca And Propagate it?

yucca stem image

Every two years it is necessary to repot the plant. Repotting is essential because the soil tends to harden over the time and as a result the plant doesn’t receive all the needed water and oxygen. If you don’t know how to repot yucca, follow these steps and your plant will stay healthy and vibrant for a long time.

First of all don’t try to save on potting mix. Buy the best quality all-purpose mix you can afford. Then put on the gloves and remove yucca from the pot, loosening the outside layer of the root ball. Transplant yucca into a new pot which should be at least 2 inches larger and 6 inches taller than the previous one. The soil should already be in the bottom of the pot. The soil must be added underneath the root ball till the base of the stalk and the rim of the pot are even. Don’t forget that the plant must be centered. After that add soil up to the base of the stalk. Water your houseplant thoroughly.

If you want to propagate the plant, there are two ways to do that. The first one is planting yucca seeds. The other one is repotting the offshoot pups of the plant. They are small but completely formed plants growing at the base. So as to produce new plants, you can separate the pups from the parental plant, locate them in the place where you would like them to grow and enjoy a new, pretty clump.

Hopefully, these tips gave you a clear idea of how to repot yucca and propagate it.