Is Yucca Kind Identification a Challenge?

yucca leaves

There are over 50 species in the genus Yucca. Yucca kind identification is not a simple task but if you are attentive enough, you will notice that each type of this plant has distinctive looks.

For example, Yucca filamentosa “Color Guard” which is also called Adam’s needle is a medium-sized shrub without a trunk. Its leaves are long, blue-green and spiky. It can be easily distinguished from other species by white filaments along the margins of the leaves.

Yucca elata is a scientific name for soaptree yucca. The name becomes clear when you get to know that soap is made from the roots of this plant. It’s a palm-like shrub. It usually has no branches and the grass-like foliage is yellow and narrow. The foliage ends in sharp spikes.

Yucca rostrata is a tree-like plant which grows really slowly. The trunk is thick with bluish-green narrow leaves with yellow margins. In late spring this species blooms with beautiful white flowers.

So if you are interested in planting yucca, first you should learn what type it is to take appropriate care of it. As you see yucca kind identification can be done yourself and it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first.