Yucca seedling, or how to propagate yucca

yucca image

Yucca is a desert plant which can be grown both outdoors and indoors. Seed dispersal can be done by splitting, by water, by wind, by animals and by human. If you have decided to propagate this species, don’t worry, it’s quite simple though requires some patience. It’s better to propagate yucca in winter. It generally takes from a month up to a year for the seeds to sprout. After that if you take appropriate care of yucca seedling, you’ll soon be able to admire a new plant.

First of all you should put the seeds in a plastic container with about ¼ inch of water in it. Then put it in a warm place where the temperatures will be constant.

As soon as a tiny yucca seedling appears, transplant it into a pot with sand and organic materials. Water the seedling and find a warm spot for it. Keep the plant indoor for at least 2 years and let it grow larger. After that time it will be hardy enough and you can move it outside.