Finding the ideal pot size for phalaenopsis orchid.

phalaenopsis orchid air root

Finding the right pot size for phaleonopsis orchid will contribute to the growth of the plant. The ideal pot is the one where the species is potted tightly and at the same time the roots shouldn’t be crammed. The pot shouldn’t be too large or else it will cause problems with watering.

The appropriate pot size for palaenopsis orchid is 4-6 inches in diameter. If you intend to grow a larger plant with more roots and leaves, you will need a bigger pot. You can use the same pot for 2 years. Every 2-3 years the plant should be repotted. When you decide to do that, use a pot which is 1 inch larger than the previous one. When your plant undergoes pruning, that means the length of the roots becomes shorter and thus you will have to select a pot smaller in size.

The majority of people plant orchids in vinyl or plastic pots. Their disadvantage is that they are very light and are easy to topple. To prevent tipping over, put the pots in larger terra cotta or ceramic ones. The clear pots have also gained popularity lately. That happened because the roots of phalaenopsis orchids are capable of photosynthesis and such pots let the sunlight get to the roots. The type of pot determines the frequency of watering. For instance, species in clay pots will need to be watered more frequently because they dry out faster.