Soil for Gardenias: Necessary Basis for the Prompt Growth and Active Bloom

gardenia bonsai image

Perfect white or ivory blooms and glossy dark green foliage make Gardenias stand out from the rest of popular bloomers. You can choose among a wide range of garden varieties, as well as indoor forms and even a real miracle - Gardenia bonsai. If you've opted for this plant to adorn your indoors or outdoors, preparation for planting is as important as the variety of Gardenia you are going to pick.

Soil for Gardenias

Opt for acidic well-drained soil. To improve drainage and aeration of your soil add organic matter, sand, peat moss and soil conditioners.
If your soil needs acidifying, granular sulfur, mulches and soil amendments can be used to create low pH value of the soil.
Perfect pH range for Gardenias is between 5 and 6.5.

With the right choice of soil and location your healthy Gardenia will grow successfully in no time.