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  • Poisonous, Toxic Plants

    Here you will find publications about poisonous, toxic plants to humans and pets (dogs, cats)

Adenium (desert rose)

An evergreen Adenium (desert rose) is very popular with people all over the world. In some places it’s even considered to be sacred due to its uniqueness...

02/03/15 – 14:04
phalaenopsis orchid plant picture
Phalaenopsis Orchid

It’s an unfeigned pleasure to watch your orchid grow and bloom. Growing a mature happy plant right from the moment it was just a tiny shoot is incomparable with any feeling...

07/22/14 – 18:44
yucca leaves image

Yucca is a succulent plant though there are still hot discussions about that. Some people claim that there exist succulent types of yucca (for example, yucca elephantipes) but it is more legitimate to...

07/22/14 – 15:48
Hibiscus Culinary

Hibiscus as a genus of flowering plants can be propagated from cuttings and seeds. Most commonly they are planted during early spring or summer, and are grown either outdoors (within warm...

06/17/14 – 17:58
adenium pink

When I told Mom about my interest in adenium growing, she was surprised. She considered adeniums harmful. To some extent she was right.

So, is...

04/09/13 – 16:00
Adenium Varieties

When I started collecting adeniums I didn’t think my collection would be so large and colorful! It consists of different magnificent adenium varieties. Besides, a lot of hybrids made it fascinating...

04/09/13 – 15:51
Croton and Cats

Is the plant really dangerous to your cat? I’ll tell you right now.

What should you do in case if your cat has eaten croton?


09/06/12 – 15:23
Spathiphyllum Poisonous to Dogs pictures

If anybody ever told me that my pretty peace lily is to be poisonous to dogs, I would never believe. Indeed, how could herbaceous plants be not safe and do harm to such well-known self-...

08/20/12 – 12:21
Dracaena Poisonous

I’m really frightened and worried about my cat Lucia and dog Sawty. I have learnt that dracaena plant is extremely dangerous for pets and cannot...

08/16/12 – 18:29
Areca palm

I’ve heard dozens of times that some plants may do harm to pets. My granny grows areca on her window-sill. She also has two cats. I cannot tell you exactly how many leaves those cats have consumed, but...

08/16/12 – 18:20